70s Love Seat


A typeface is a chair - it helps set the tone and mood of the setting while remaining neutral on the background. Stephen Coles' metaphor informed the designs of these posters by closely studying Byron Bay's Hanging Chair's 70s Love Seat. This project was developed for Typography II course at The University of Texas at Austin.


The ideology of the chair design and the formal and material expression of the chair informed my decision on the type choice. What stood out the most to me about the chair's design and material expression was the craft, handmade aspect of it and the repetitive formation of loop-like forms that are created by the interlacing of the materials. These characteristics drove me to picking a cursive typeface that its letters created loops similar to the ones in the chair. 


With the posters layout, I emphasized on the repetitive looping process of hand-crafting this chair.

This project explores the relationship between ideology and form, the goal was to build an ontological foundation for navigating and managing typographic decisions with intent and meaning.