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Instagram Creative


The Instagram Creators Update adds new features that allow creators to better showcase their works, connect, and collaborate with like minded people for greater business opportunities. Project developed for the Interaction Design II course at The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Victor Guo and Jacob Stutts.


Five creators were interviewed during the research process. Between the interviewed group there were bloggers, photographers, and a model agency owner. The interviewees were also asked to create journey maps of their experience while using the instagram app for their business.


Many creators are supportive of one another in their efforts to grow by collaboration and features.

To be successful on instagram, users need to be extremely active for the algorithm to push them further, which usually favors already large accounts.

Many users look to outside sources to find collaborators, schedule posts, and organize their feed.


Instagram is missing editorial features to give creators and businesses everything they need to function within the app. Despite having a business account option, it only serves to tie shallow features behind a long application process. Third party workarounds have become the norm for professional users when looking for networking opportunities or scheduling.


To make Instagram a more comprehensive editorial app, we decided to add some new features to help users make their experience frictionless. We want to create a platform that would allow creators to better showcase their works, and connect and collaborate with like minded people for greater business opportunities.

In order to update the platform, we developed three personas to help inform us on the creators' needs and how they would potentially interact with the application. 

When working on the Instagram Creators Update, we mapped out the current flowchart of the application in order to identify the possible places for intervention of new features (in bold).

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