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Lyric Poster


Jack Johnson, a Hawaiian musician, released his album All the Light Above It Too in 2017 where he discusses about social and political issues. I picked one of the tracks from this album - Sunsets for Somebody Else - to create a lyric poster where I communicate my interpretation of the song by playing with type. This project was developed for Information Design course at The University of Texas at Austin.


In Sunsets for Somebody Else, Jack Johnson narrates about a person who’s trying to sell “sunsets” and is questioning the significance and worth of it. The main character is hopeless and that instead of chancing his or her own happiness or future, which is symbolized by the sunset, he or she is trying to sell it to other people. Although the lyrics manifest hopelessness, the melody feels comforting. Morgan Grunow, an author at The Badger Herald, wrote that the song talks about the pressure that society places on its citizens to make something out of themselves “Especially in this fast paced society, Johnson questions whether or not ‘this world can afford to sleep anymore.’ Within this track, the artist feels the pressure himself with the lyrics of ‘recounting for this mess’ and loss as we are moving too fast and not making the right things count.”

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