Re-branding of the Texas-based non-profit had as objective to visually communicate the organization's mission with consistency. This project was developed for the Branding and Visual Identity Systems course at the University of Texas at Austin.


Latinitas is a Texas based non-profit organization that creates a physical and online space where young Latinas can discover their voice, develop media and technology skills and build a solid foundation for their future. They do so by providing after-school clubs, camps, events, publications, and channels for young Latinas. Their mission is to empower girls to innovate through media and technology.

The campaign aims to improve brand awareness and promote a conscious lifestyle while encapsulating the company's culture and core beliefs.


The non-profit organization landscape is crowded with brands that communicate with their audience through inconsistent, busy, and naive designs. To improve communication, I took a more abstract approach. My focus was representing Latinitas' mission using protest posters and geometric shapes and patterns seen in 3D rendering softwares as inspiration.


From huipiles to marigolds to various artworks, flowers surround the Mexican culture. The new logo bridges the gap between Latinitas' target audience and mission through the image of a flower created using methods relying on technology - which also served as inspiration for the overall identity. Variations of the logo flower's petals are composed of patterns from 3d rendering softwares and are used across different brand touch points. Protest posters informed typography choice and their tone informed layout designs.

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