Mind Matters


Mind Matters is an annual conference for mental health survivors, family, friends, and anyone interested in mental health. It was created for the Identity Systems course at The University of Texas at Austin with Alexis Garcia.


Majority of mental health conferences nowadays target professionals that seek connections within the field and knowledge on new findings and treatments. There is a lack of space for people to come together and feel belonging. That's where Mind Matters comes in.

Created in order to increase access to mental health services for students and families, Mind Matters provides a space where people can come together and learn about mental health and how to better themselves and help others.


Emotions are fluid. People experience similar emotions in different ways and the same person might even experience that same emotion differently on another period of their life.

To capture this fluidity in feelings, we created this blobulous environment where the forms are ever warping and changing. This fluidity is also reflected on our choice of using a wide color palette that is used in a system that creates 175 different color pairings.

Together with my group mate Alexis Garcia, a vibrant brand identity that empowers people to make a change in their lives, understand survivor's feelings, and she light on a hope for cure was created.


With the brand identity complete, we worked across a range of touch points—from website design through to instagram posts, banners, name tags and swags to bring Mind Matters to life.


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