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How to Give in to Novaturient


People tend to dream a lot but they rarely do what they truly want. In order to convince them to go after all their unrealized dreams and unexecuted plans, I created a guide and field journal. This project was developed for Images in Communication course at The University of Texas at Austin.


Novaturient means desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation; the feeling that pushes someone to travel.

This 5" 7"pocket book has as objective to convince people that no excuses are good enough to hold them back from achieving something that they always dreamed of.


From being afraid of not being capable to economy to having way too many responsibilities, people make excuses for why they shouldn't follow their dreams.

In order to persuade people to follow their novaturient feelings this book is divided into six chapters; (1) The Importance [of traveling], (2) Why people don’t travel, (3) Wanderlust, (4) How to pick and plan a trip, (5) How to remember, and (6) Your Trip. Text was developed from personal experience and from the results of an online survey that asked people about their inspirations, traveling experiences and preferences, and things that prevent them to travel as often as they wanted to.


This guide and field journal is supposed to be inspiring and give people a little taste of adventure. This thought influenced decisions from the paper choice until graphic style.

I chose to go with muted colors, hand-drawn illustrations, and recycled paper to bring the viewer close to embracing adventure. So that this project would become real, photographers like Pamela EA, Julia RandolphNadya Haddad, and Bryan RusnqueFrancisco Elizarraras shared their work with me with the hopes that images from our trips would inspire other people to go and explore.

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